Markus Trösch,, is THE backbone of this Website. It is fun playing Volleyball & Bränball (Swedish Baseball!) with you as well as attending the Summer Olympics you continually organize! Your technical and personal support through all these years is fantastic!

Valentina Johanna Baumgartner,, taught me excellent Web-producing Skills to create, manage and administrate this Website myself.

Most of the published pictures have been taken during wonderful hours and relexing moments at the Studio of all-around genius Robert Peres

A very special thank you to the people who are supporting me: Birgit Jogl, Hedwig Fehrer, Karin Wolfger, Irmgard Badelt, Sabine Laussegger, Mechthild Wild, Kristin Baving, Bruno Schmucki, Willi Graupner and my lovely family.

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