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Inline Hockey


I bought my first Inline Skates in the middle of the 90s.

Vienna. Danube Island: My first steps on Inline Skates were very unstable. A young boy is going to help me: He offers me a wooden stick. It's like a 3rd leg and it feels quite comfortable. A small orange ball comes along.
The wooden stick is revealed as an Inline Hockey stick:
The hunt for the goals starts...

Soon I learned the "basics" of Inline Hockey via
the several times Austrian champions Red Dragons, trained by Tomas Poloprudsky. Playing matches in the Eastern League helped me improving my Inline Hockey skills quickly.

This could be seen as well during a Birthday Match to honor my first 30 years: From the beginning shorthanded - I love challenges - we won in the second half by 9:7.

This was the start... IceHockey followed...